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Marvi Hämmer is an award winning kids TV show of a teenage 3D animated rat, that presents a weekly bilingual TV science magazine for children.


Eager for knowledge Marvi takes control of a TV studio every night and introduces exciting and spectacular films from the National Geographic World showing among others giant hornets, bears and tornadoes, as well as the depths of the ocean.

Marvi Hammer was delivered by our team 

and German subsidiary, 4K Animation.


The World Reporters, as animated in the show, are three 2D cartoon characters who experience various adventures all over the world on Marvi's behalf.

They only speak English as this is their common language. This was so that children are guided to their first foreign language in a playful way - also referred to as immersive learning.


In addition to the television show, Marvi Hämmer was also the virtual editor-in-chief of the print magazine National Geographic World, the children's format of the German edition of National Geographic. In each issue, Marvi presented knowledge, news and reports.

Furthermore, an audio book was also created (Marvi Hämmer's Audio Book), in which all information and reports from the magazine are narrated by Marvi, along with other personal experiences and mini adventures not aired on the show.

National Geopgrahic


  • Nomination for the Adolf-Grimme-Preis in 2004

  • Animago Award, 1st rank in TV-Series

  • Goldener Spatz Award in Information & Documentation

  • German Television Awards

  • Silver Dragon Award at Beijing International Films Festival

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